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9 Romantic Hairstyles to try this Valentine’s Day

VDay is just around the corner and it’s time to up the ante on your romantic hair game. We’re highlighting the top 9 romantic hairstyles to try this month. Check them out below. 


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1. Soft, loose waves                                                  2. A braided halo                                               3. A dainty bow

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4. Soft braid and elegant bow                            5. A loose, wavy updo                                           6. A messy french braid

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7. A low, messy bun                                                 8. Old Hollywood curls                               9. A pretty flower with delicate curls


Let us know which of these styles is your favourite and if you plan to try one this Valentine’s Day!

10 Ponytails to Try This Month

10 ponytails to try this month


There’s something about a ponytail that we absolutely love. Maybe it’s the way that just by changing it up a little bit, you can completely change your look and go from cute to sexy, pretty to sophisticated, edgy to classic, or high-fashion to casual.

This month, we’re featuring our top ten ponytail styles to try and each one conveys a different look and feeling. There really is a ponytail for every occasion and every look that you’re trying to create. Check them all out:

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